Colin Dayan

Scroll for a soundless experience.


That terrible sky

The smell of grease

The sight of people too ugly to look at

The crickets grinding their legs

Logic and Law prevail but the

Leopard is put down



Rending the veil

130th and Park Avenue, New York

A woman standing in a doorway

A man standing and holding a baton

A large baton

Or club

The thing I notice before the club

This beautiful dog

A pit bull and a lovely one

Cowering on a rope

The man hit him hard

The yelp was loud.

Another hit was coming

What could we do?

Call the police

Animal Control

Humane Society

Put the dog down

Save it from cruelty

By death

Too dangerous to live


Life is fragile

Handle with care

He who kneels before God

Can stand before anyone

Jesus is coming

Don’t miss it for the world


A Zionist vision of peace

Proposed by a settler in Ariel

On the West Bank

What Wi-Fi availability tells you

King David

No access

You ask can you have access

They ask

Are you a guest?


You have to pay for it

At the American Colony

Granted to anyone who enters 

And on the streets of East Jerusalem

Not in the West

Unless you pay for it

Gone are the hills

Gone is the green

No trees


Soon the country will be tarmac

They build to tower over

To make money out of earth

To invest

To make everything over in

The image of Mammon

The wall

The highway

The cement divider

The roads

Cranes hang over buildings

The scar on the landscape

All things green no

More hills of Judea

What happened in the Galilee?

Kiryat Shimona?

Where were the Bedouins wandering

In these mountains over the sea?

A minaret on the horizon


Help me to get out of here

The howling

The barking, the wailing

Of dogs


I see the horses in Central Park

No one wants to ride them

Horses in the sun. They are

Saddled.  The reins are not yet taut.

I see men hosing their horses down


What will live on?


The really little animals

Squirrels moles possum

But anything big enough a

Certain majesty and strength

They’re getting killed

Elephants are gone

Grizzly bears shot 

And the whales

Tears remain

But we’ve got the ‘fluffys’ of the world

The tea-cup dogs held in your lap

Everything, everything

A precious icon of the human


It was Margot Fonteyn

She was at Sadler’s Wells

And she lifted her leg in

An immaculateness

That reached to the sky

And I thought to myself

This is where I want to be forever

Swan Lake

I was thrilled and I thought how for me love, the absolute could only be found in the arms of someone I adored and everything I felt when I heard the music every lover was my prince and I as stupid as it sounds was the dying swan and I died again and again until I moved to Nashville.


Remember the dogs that give you everything that you want

If you are poor hated as trash, they come to you and make you proud

If you are rich and you want to do good and save dogs from those you think are trash

They look in your eyes they come to you and you can be good.

The pit bulls are being killed

Choose one breed, one alleged breed

And wipe them out

Strict liability

To have a pit bull is like having a tiger

Like transporting chemicals

No matter what precautions you take

You are strictly liable

There is no possibility of caring for a pit bull.

Those are the dogs that are everything that any dog could ever be

The most beautiful dogs

They look at you and you are stricken with grace

They have a mind that betrays itself in every move of their limbs.


I am tired

So tired of your

Idiocy and your stupidities

(God, all I was doing was asking.  All I was doing was asking a question)

The crush of nature.  A surfeit of sounds. Noises of birds. The scraping of tortoises, the crying of dogs, the terrain of the lost, where a peculiar chaos reigns.